About Us

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Our current family members are listed on the White and Kressley pages.

* These are the ones that make our house a home.



GUINEVERE (Platinum Point Tonkinese) b. 6-12-2010
Adopted 10-16-2010


GABRIEL (Champaigne Mink Tonkinese) b. 8-8-2008
Adopted 10-16-2010


In Memory of:

PATTICAT (American Longhair) b. Abt 2005 - January 2016 (cancer)
She adopted us by living on our Patio, hence the name "Patio Cat"/Patticat)

JADE (Mealy Amazon Parrot) b. 3-1995
Became a family member 9-1995


MICAH b. 7-1999 adopted June 2008
Blue Head Pionus Parrot)


DILLYN b. 5-2000
White-cap Pionus Parrot)


And several Red Factor Canaries

Personally, I am solar-powered. If the sun doesn't shine, neither do I. That is the reason why we moved here in 1985.

We are originally from Michigan, but have lived in Mississippi, California, Oklahoma, Washington, and Schaesberg, Netherlands (near Heerlen in Limburg). On our way to Seattle in August 1980, we stopped here to visit relatives and never forgot the blue skies and sunshine. Since that time, many of our other relatives have moved here as well.

If you have never been to Arizona, you probably think it is nothing but dry desert and cactus, heat and tumbleweed. Not so! We have lakes, mountains, (with snow in the winter months for those who miss it) and also during the winter, lots and lots of golfers and snowbirds (traffic).

Lake Powell, AZ

In Arizona, homes can be surrounded by grass and trees, or desert landscaping -- rocks, cactus and desert plants, citrus trees and warm-weather flowers.   To see more about Arizona, see Visit Arizona, Arizona Tourism, Places to see and things to do.

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