Our Fur and Feather Family


Our current family members are listed mainly on the White and Kressley pages.
* These are the ones that make our house a home.
GUINEVERE (Platinum Point Tonkinese) b. 6-12-2010Adopted 10-16-2010
GABRIEL (Champaigne Mink Tonkinese) b. 8-8-2008Adopted 10-16-2010
JADE (Mealy Amazon Parrot) b. 3-1994Became a family member 9-1994
JORDI (Black Masked Lovebird) b. 3-2019Became a family member 11-2019
JAMIE-BLU (Blue Head Pionus Parrot)   b. 12-2019 Became a family member 4-2020
Waterslager, Yellow and White Canaries
Red Factor and Bronze Canaries
Spanish Timbrado Canaries
Red Agate and Peach Canaries
Lady Gouldian Finches – green and yellow back
Lady Gouldian Finches – blue back and silver