Our Fur and Feathered Family


Our current family members are listed mainly on the White and Kressley pages.
* These are the ones that make our house a home.


GUINEVERE (Platinum Point Tonkinese) b. 6-12-2010

Adopted 10-16-2010

GABRIEL (Champagne Mink Tonkinese) b. 8-8-2008

Adopted 10-16-2010

JACKIE (Silver Blue Lovebird) b. 5-2020

Became a family member 10-2020

JORDI (Black Masked Lovebird) b. 3-2019

Became a family member 11-2019

JO (White Lovebird)

Became a family member 3-20-2023 - Flew into garage - unclaimed pet.

JAMIE-BLU (Blue Head Pionus Parrot)   b. 12-2019 

Became a family member 4-2020

Belgian Waterslager, American Yellow and White Canaries

Red Factor and Bronze Agate Canaries

Peach and Gray Agate

Spanish Timbrado and Russian Singers

Lady Gouldian Finches - green and yellow back

Lady Gouldian Finches - blue back and silver

Zebra Finches & Society Finches

JADE (Mealy Amazon Parrot )

ABOUT JADE:  As of March 17, 2023, Jade has a new home! After 29 years with us, she has been adopted by a young family who can love her through her next 30-50 years!


Sometimes during the year, I actually have too many birds!  I will sell Canaries and sometimes Gouldian Finches locally.  I will not send birds out of the area.  But if you live in the Phoenix area and want a bird please see https://azbirdsong.com, or https://www.birdsnow.com where I will post pictures of available birds.