Brader Maps

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Roy Brader 2-Brader-Miller Land-Farms 
Roy Brader 3-Brader-Miller Land-Farms 1749-1751
Roy Brader 4-Early Brader Farms 1770-1820
Roy Brader 5-Henry D and John O. Brader Farms Map 1920
Roy Brader 6-Laurys Land-Farms Map 1812
Roy Brader 7-1760 Church marriages-confirmations Trappe PA

The (Augustus Lutheran) Trappe Records include the listing of the marriage of Wendel Breder and Elisabeth Ducken (daughter of Philip) on February 26, 1758 at Pikestown Schoolhouse. The same records list the confirmation in the Christian religion of Elisabeth Dick, wife of Wendel Breder, on Easter Sunday, March 26, 1758, in the presence of the Providence (Augustus) congregation.

The original church building, built in 1743, has been well preserved by the current congregation which added a new church building in 1852. The Old Trappe Church as it is locally known is the oldest unchanged Lutheran Church building in continuous use in the United States. Services are held there in the summer and on Christmas eve. In addition to the building, the original pastor of this church is historically significant. He is Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. He is considered to be the patriarch and principal organizer of the Lutheran Church in America. In 1742 he immigrated to America at the request of Lutherans in Pennsylvania, where a large number of Lutheran Churches had been founded by lay leaders. He first settled in Providence township, now Trappe. He led a number of congregations from New York to Maryland, including in Philadelphia and Trappe. Muhlenberg College was named in his honor. His first son, Peter, was a General in the Colonial Army during the American revolution. His second son, Frederick, was the first speaker of the US House of Representatives. His house in Trappe has been preserved as a museum. The Historical Society of Trappe, Collegeville and the Perkiomen Valley has established itself as the keeper of the Pennsylvania German history of the area.